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Computer Graphics and Types of Animation With It

Computer graphics and animation types

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Suppose you, like me, have been asked what specialization Computer graphics includes. In that case, I must say that computer graphics is a sub-branch of computer science that studies digital composition methods and visual content manipulation. Although the term often refers to studying 3D computer graphics, it also encompasses 2D graphics and image processing. In this article, I introduce the types of animation branches produced with computer graphics. Be sure you will benefit from reading it. Follow me:

      1. Computer Animation

      1. 3D Animation

      1. 2D Animation

      1. Claymation

      1. Cut-out

      1. Paint-on-glass

      1. Motion Graphics

      1. Stop Motion

      1. Object animation

      1. Traditional Animation

      1. etc.

    Do you know the different types of Animation in Computer Graphics? And what are the most common ones between them? Like any other Cinema career, This has its categories.

    Today, we are going through this.

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    most types

    What are the most common types of computer graphics? I’m here to tell you, so let’s go.

    Traditional Computer Graphics

    traditional in Computer Graphic

    Many popular animated movies in the 20th Century were made with Computer Graphic. Do you remember the Walt Disney movies back then? They are so classic, with no digital tools. Hand-drawn or cell animation are other names for this type. Each frame of this type is drawn by hand. Aladdin (Disney,1992), Pinocchio (Disney, 1940), The Castle Of Cagliostro (Toho, 1979), and Bambi (Disney, 1942) are the best examples of this type.

    2D in Computer Graphics

    2D in Computer Graphic

    Computer graphics create cartoons, animated movies, marketing videos, educational videos, advertisements, and stores. The difficulty of this type is that you should try to send your message most simply.
    Two-dimensional or 2-D characters and objects are created in a 2-dimensional space. They are simple but sometimes have more effect.


    3D in Computer Graphic

    Thanks to the development of visualization software and computer graphics, 3D was revolutionary when it was introduced. 3D isn’t helpful to the film industry, but it has made a real difference in architecture and medicine.
    This type of Animation is used more for full-length movies, marketing, and commercials.
    Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon from DreamWorks and Toy Story and Frozen from Pixar are examples of 3D Animation in Computer Graphics.

    Stop Motion

    stop motion

    Another animated filmmaking technique is called stop motion. Objects in this type of Animation will move, and from every movement, take photos and then collect pictures together with Computer Graphic apps to make a frame. SHAUN THE SHEEP MOVIE (2015), MY LIFE AS A ZUCCHINI (2016), CHICKEN RUN (2000), MARY AND MAX (2009) and FANTASTIC MR. FOX (2009) is the best example of taking pictures from every movement frame by Fra, called STOP MOTION.

    Typography in Computer Graphics

    typography in Computer Graphic

    This type of video is often used in films to make credit segments and title screens. You can see typography in movie openings or even commercials, too. It has also been used by web designers in banner and website design. The kinetic type provides infinite creative possibilities and is extremely impressive. Nowadays, all of these are made by computer graphics applications.


    cutout animation in Computer Graphic

    Another form of stop motion is “called “Cut-Out,” which has been around” Cut-Out” and has existed since the beginning of animated movies. This type is one of the Computer Graphic methods, the most essential and fun forms. Cut-out has the most simple Animation Techniques among others. Paper is one of the materials used in filming that is placed flat on a background. This type is often used in short filmmaking, but THE ADVENTURE OF PRINCE ACHMED (1926) and KRABAT – THE SORCERE’S APPRENTICE (1978) is one of the examples of long-length types.

    In this article, we are trying to introduce Computer Graphics and the world stories that have been published till now. It is an exciting world for those who have been encouraged to it; here, we try to show you the most common careers in Animation. Hi, I hope it was helpful for you, and we will be happy if you write us your ideas below.

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