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Welcome to Pixalent Game and 3D Animation Services. Pixalent was established by young people interested in games and animations ready to provide the best services in this field. So, our mission is to provide high-quality services in Animation and Game content and give advice to everyone joining the group. Also, Pixalent has many services as an Art consultant and stays beside Businesses, Companies, Filmmakers, TV channels, Graphic Designers, and Animators. The group is using the most updated options for doing this job.
Your critiques and offers are always welcome to the group, and we will use them to make better decisions in our future history. Also, Pixalent is active on social media. See the Contact Us page for our products, such as Games, Videos, and Animations.

3D Camera Icon

3D Animated Explainer Video Service

Explain your Product or Business in the best possible way

3D Book for educational video

3D Animated Educational Video Service

Educate your audience in a new and completely different way

3D Speaker for Commercial video

3D Animated Commercial Video Service

Present your promotional video in a completely targeted way

3D Golden Cup for branded video

3D Animated Branded Video Service

Entertain the idea that sales aren’t everything.

3D Video icon for video Series

3D Animated Video Series Service

Execute one perfect concept across multiple videos.

3D Social media video icon

3D Animated Social Media Video Series

Feed the feed with something fun, short and mobile friendly.

3D Character icon

3D Character Modeling Service

Have an interesting and effective Character for your own

Game Trailer for marketing

3D Trailers for Game and Apps

Make others play and fun, Earn money from it as possible amount

3D Environment icon

3D Environment Modeling Service

Order a location, city, nature and even a war zone for video and game

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3D animated videos are an incredible way to bring your marketing content to life! These videos utilize breathtaking 3D computer-generated graphics and animation to tell your story or showcase your product in a captivating and visually stunning manner.

3D animated videos are like the secret sauce of marketing – they capture your audience’s attention, simplify complex ideas with a touch of magic, and leave a lasting impression that’s as sweet as a childhood memory.

Ah, the cost question! Well, it’s a bit like asking how much a piece of art costs. The price can range from the affordable to the premium, depending on the complexity and your chosen artist – I mean, animation studio.

Businesses from all walks of life can benefit! Whether you’re in tech, healthcare, education, or any industry, these videos can be your brand’s creative superhero, helping you stand out and shine.

Patience is key. The creation process can be as swift as a summer breeze for simple videos or as epic as a saga for complex projects. In other words, it’s a journey worth taking.

3D animation takes you into a fully immersive world, like walking into a dream. 2D animation is more like flipping through a beautifully illustrated storybook – both magical in their own ways.

Collaboration and passion are the secret ingredients. Work closely with your animation team, let your brand’s personality shine, and watch your message come to life in a way that’ll tug at heartstrings.

Everywhere your heart desires! Share them on your website, dance with them on social media, and let them shine in emails and presentations. 3D animated videos are versatile, ready to sprinkle a little enchantment wherever they go.

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