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How to Create Memorable Characters in Animation


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About a hundred years ago, the first of what perhaps people would nowadays call an “Animation character” was created. It was drawn in black and white, and it was something simple. However, the same cannot be said for the process. Since then, humanity has come a very long way. When it happened for the first time in 1914, the creation of an animated character was a long. It was a diligent and tiring procedure. Nowadays, you can create the most artistic characters and animate them in a very short time.

While the outcome was something simple in the past, you can take your creativity to a whole new level and go beyond your wildest dreams. With these facts in mind, there’s no denying the power of animated characters in capturing our attention and conveying their message. In this article, you will find out what an Animation character is, what you can use your created animation character for, and what you need to keep in mind when you make your animation character!

A Simple Definition

First on our list is to see what an animation character is and why you need to create one. Have you ever seen or watched an Animation? Maybe it was the memorable and lovely characters from a childhood cartoon or the stunningly realistic animations from a blockbuster movie. You have probably seen a drawn, if it was an old animation (comparatively speaking), or a digitally designed character moving around the screen, speaking and jumping around, interacting with other characters or objects.

The character could have been fictional or non-fictional. It could have been something simple or something complex. Although it doesn’t matter whether you draw your character by hand on a piece of paper or create it digitally, it’s, by far, more accessible to do it using technology and modern tools. Some people still prefer to do it the old-fashioned way, but not only it’s time-consuming, but it also might even take years to master and doesn’t yield the same results as when you use state-of-the-art tools.

Characters Usage

Now that we’ve talked about animation characters and figured out what they are let’s move on to another part of this Article: what can you use this character for, and how does it help you? I can think of many reasons:

      1. Animations, Cartoons, and Movies:
        Characters are essential in animations and movies, holding a crucial role. They are the backbone, without which the entire creation would crumble. Characters bring life and excitement to films, adding a touch of fantasy. They serve as a captivating transition from realism to fantasy, captivating viewers and grabbing their attention.

      1. Advertisements:
        Digital art possesses a remarkable ability to leave a lasting impression on viewers. Through visual associations, brands and products become memorable. Notably, a well-crafted character can captivate attention as few other things can. This is called Video Marketing by videos and Animations. Imagine the allure of a lion sipping an energy drink or a plastic doll springing to life to enjoy snacks and a TV show once her owner departs!

      1. Digital Mascots:
        A digital mascot is that you won’t have to spend so much money on the cloth and hiring someone, and you won’t have half as many limitations as you would typically have. It can be anywhere. On a product, in an ad, on your sites, and anywhere you can think of. And you are not limited to something realistic and reproducible.

      1. Avatar:
        I’ve seen many people using an avatar similar to themselves for their Social profiles, and upon asking, I have noticed many of them had received a positive reaction from people and that it had given them self-confidence and joy every time they looked at it!

    How to Create It

    Although animated characters are pretty valid nowadays, they are generally easy to create. However, creating memorable characters in animation can be elaborate. Still, with a cautious concept and a lengthy design procedure, you can create something so one can continue to be with visitors for generations. It could be best to start by having a stable idea of who the man or woman is and why they may be part of the story. An incredible place to begin is to consider any real-life humans, locations, or things that might act as an inspiration.

    What kind of tendencies, physical features, and atypical traits are behind the concept of the person? Do they struggle with situational morals, have a conflict beyond, or have a unique manner of searching the world? Try to use these as tips and grasp information humans can relate to without problems. The layout can begin once you realize what the man or woman might appear like. Focus on facial expressions, body language, and color choices that reflect the person’s character. Use distinct shapes to offer particular character capabilities that viewers can be able to recognize again and again. The garb selection can help establish the person’s identification once more, whether or not they choose a selected style of dress or are wearing a color that directly symbolizes the person’s function inside the tale.

    Make Memorable

    Throughout the design method, ask yourself whether or not the individual sticks out enough to be memorable. If the answer is not any, there are usually ways to refine and beautify the character’s look till you have created something as a way to live with the audience for all time. With a cautious interest in creating specific factors and committing to including realism, you ought to be on your manner to developing a memorable animated man or woman.

    Before Proceeding

    There are some things you need to keep in mind before proceeding to the creation part.

    Identify Your Message:

    It is so very crucial to have an understanding of what you want to say! The first step, right before you start, is to form an idea of what your message is, what it is meant to achieve, and what ways would help you better. You must focus on the parts of the character you want people to pay attention to more. It will always be helpful and valuable to have a mascot for your brand so people can associate it. For example, if you own a brand of energy drinks, your character or mascot should give positive vibes. For example, happiness, fitness, and satisfaction can be a result of consuming your products.

    Be Creative:

    We talk about visual arts here, and when it is about visual arts, it is about how to do a better job at making it attract more attention. Our most important and ultimate goal is to seek attention. Remember, you will not be required to be romantic about your character. A character with a big head and a small body part has a much more significant chance of attracting people’s attention than an ordinary one, which looks like an average specimen!


    Like everything else, it is required to learn the basics of character creation and animation primarily. It depends on what you want to create; you must learn tricks from a professional. This is always the wisest course of action. You might be able to, of course, know it by experimenting with different things as you go, but that will often take a lot of time and effort, which otherwise could have been spent on getting other more or less important things going. These can hugely boost the positivity of your progress and the result of your work.

    Proper Tools:

    It would be best if you learned how to create a character and that creativity is the final touch every masterpiece needs, but first of all, you need the proper tools and the programs at your disposal. Without the right tools, no matter how creative you are, no matter how experienced you are, and no matter how good your ideas are, you won’t be able to give them a form and achieve a desirable effect.

    Consult Professionals:

    At any point during your journey to create your animation character and in animating it, you might encounter difficulties or questions. These professionals have already trodden the way and have experienced most of these problems and questions when they were in your shoes. Seeking answers from them is usually the way to get things done more efficiently and without wasting your time.

    Use Professional experience and help:

    It’s also an excellent idea to hire a professional or a team to do the job for you. If you are a business owner, a manager, or, for any reason, a busy person, learning the process and tips about what to do and what not to do in your field of work can take quite a lot of time and energy from you. On the other hand, since a professional has already perfected their experience on such matters and they are nothing but simple and easy to them, they can get the job done for you at a much faster pace. (And they will do it a lot better, too.)

    A Good Helping Hand:

    Perhaps it is wise to remember the most important thing and have access to a group of professionals who can do all mentioned till now. These professionals give you sound and helpful ideas about your problems, the tools to get things done, your opinions, and how to say them. They can tell you the positivity and negativities of animation character creation. However, they are young: the people at Pixalent.com have experience and creative powers, and they have helped many different groups and people, including businesses, Animation Companies, filmmakers, TV channels, graphic designers, and Animators. You should trust your projects to them and be sure you will get what you want in the end.

    Remember Your Character Arcs

    It is crucial to remember to create a thrilling journey in your character. Their arcs could be vital to their evolution and improvement within the tale. Starting with their goals and motivations and taking them via a change journey might be critical to growing a memorable person. As your character goes via the adventure, take them through diverse emotions.


    Use the struggles and conflicts to push the person’s arc ahead. Introduce other characters who, in addition, make and project the person’s beliefs. Show how the man or woman evolves and matures as they adventure via specific conflicts and obstacles.

    Consider the moral lessons you need your character to analyze during their journey. Remember that an influential and significant individual must examine and grow throughout the tale. Show the audience how this affects the individual and their relationships with the alternative characters.

    The character’s mission arc may create an emotional connection between them and the target audience. This connection may be what makes them relatable and memorable. Establish this connection and ensure the audience feels like they’re a part of the unique adventure.

    Five Types of Memorable Characters

    Memorable characters come in all styles and sizes. Whether they be anthropomorphic animals, robots, or extraterrestrial beings, the intensity and complexity of the surface are the keys to having them stand out in an animation. Here are some of the varieties of characters that could create an unforgettable experience for visitors and fanatics:

        • The Hero – The hero is the story’s protagonist, with the most sizeable position in the tale. The hero overcomes challenges and struggles to attain his goal.

        • The Villain – The villain is the antagonist who supports the hero’s achievement. The Villains have to have excellent moral values and motivations for their movements.

        • The Jester – The Jester is the comedic alleviation within the story, the only one who keeps us laughing with their social media and pop culture one-liners.

        • The Wise Elder – The clever elder is an experienced and revered mentor who guides our heroes on their quests.

        • The Rebel – The rebellion is the anti-hero, breaking down all forms of guidelines and regulations to do what they assume is correct.

      Animatedly creating memorable characters takes time to provide intensity and consistency. There’s usually the temptation to shortcut the process, but taking more time to craft your feelings is vital to creating a memorable story.


      Ultimately, we have come a long way since the first character and animation. It is now possible to make attractive projects. It has become required for almost all businesses and companies, studios, and even those wanting to have their mascots. Even those who need characters to use in their advertisements or commercial animations. Now you understand the Animation importance of animation by studying this Article. In the process of achieving these goals, it would be essential not to have any limitations in contacting professionals who are creative, know a lot, and have experienced a lot, who can care for you and give you good opinions, and who can get the job completed for you in a method that the ending is likable. Everyone says Pixalent.com has the right people for all the factors above and everything you need! However, if you do not have the time or knowledge to Create your own, You can Leave it to us as a professional on the 3D Character Modeling Service page.

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