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What are the basic animation skills?

Pixalent animation Skills

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Hello everyone, Are you Heard about Animation Skills? Are you familiar with this term? So, Welcome to Pixalent for reading about this subject and even other related posts. Here is the place that you will know everything about animation videos.

Today we’re going to talk about animation skills and what are most important to learn when you first start to animating, so let’s begin.

In this article we’re going to read about:

      1. Creativity Skill

      1. Hyperphantasia

      1. Good Color Vision Skill

      1. Draw Skill

      1. Computer Graphics Software Using Skill


    Step 1 The Heart Of Animation : Creativity Skill

    pixalent animation creativity

    Animation is all about creativity, When something original comes to your mind that no one else think of that before, and you try to form that original idea and make it alive, then you are a creative person. Creativity is first and big step to start animate. When you try to discover shapes, objects and even personalities in your imagination then you took your first step already.

    Step 2 : Hyperphantasia Skill

    animation skills - pixalent

    ” There are big invisible differences between us in the ability to visualize, and these are linked to differences in the ways our brain work “

    Adam Zeman – Professor of cognitive and behavioral

    And he also calls the ones who have expand visual imagery skills “hyperphantasics“.

    So, if you see things more vividly and different than the others then you are a HYPERPHANTASIC. Strong visual imagination makes you see details that no one else saw and if you want to create something in more details this one is require.

    Step 3 : Good Color Vision

    There are 2 types of people in the world. A person who has good color vision and can perceive up to 1 million different color shades and a person who born with color blindness (color vision deficiency). 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women are color blind. We don’t say that if you are color blind you can’t be an Animator but for create colorful animations maybe having normal color vision could be better.

    Step 4 : Draw Skill

    Pixalent Draw skill

    Imagine you are in a place that there is no computer. An idea comes to your mind. What do you do? YES! Grab a pencil immediately and start to draw your idea because if you don’t do that maybe you forget it after 10 minutes. Sketching is the best way to create your first and raw ideas. If you already have it in your nature then good for you but if you know you have some weakness in this part it’s better to take some time and practice.

    Step 5 – Computer Graphics Software Usage Skill

    After you sketch your raw ideas on paper, it’s time to expand them with Animation software’s. Making an animated film is one of the modern businesses so you have to do it in modern ways. If you have 4 steps already and want to enter in animation industry you should know that you can’t do it without learning one of the graphic design software.

    Conclusion For Animation Skills

    If you are a dreamer and want to start animating or even build your own Animation company, these steps are the most important and basic skills that you should know. If I missed something and you know it let us know in the comments.

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