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Advertise and Marketing | The Impact of Animation On Them


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Animation has been around for over a century. It has proven itself to be an effective tool in many cases. One of the more prominent uses of animation has been in advertising and marketing. Animations have been utilized in advertisements for many years. Advertisers have done so in various forms. It has been done to create eye-catching ads that stick in viewers’ minds. From the early days of television, It has managed to be in demand and successful when it comes to advertising. Also, It has continued to evolve to meet the needs of modern advertisers.

Animators have also made many new techniques and approaches to fulfill their needs. Video has become one of the most popular means of advertising. All companies across all industries are now using it. They have managed to create memorable and engaging advertisements. Animation is particularly useful in advertising. It has been so because of the very nature of animation. It allows advertisers to create imaginary worlds that are impossible with live-action filming. When it comes to animation, there are no limits and endless possibilities. This has enabled and allowed advertisers to create anything they can imagine

Impact on Advertising and Marketing

Since the first Animations came out, they have captured the audience’s attention. This has made them particularly good for advertising. Animation has had an undeniably massive impact on advertising and marketing. It has allowed advertisers to create many animations for their ads. These Advertising animations have been presented with a strong visual presence. That has made them remain in the audience’s minds for long.

Additionally, it can become engaging when It attracts the audience’s attention. Animations can be used to talk about many different subjects. These subjects can be easy to understand or complex. Animation can deliver any point, straightforward or not, in a clear and easy-to-understand way. There are many ways animation is impacting the advertising and marketing industry. Below, you can find some of them.

the impact of animation on advertising

Increased Engagement in Advertising

Animation has proven to be an effective tool to increase engagement in advertising and Marketing. It can capture the attention of its audience. When it comes to capturing one’s attention, there is no age immune to the charm of animation. Animated ads are more likely to grab viewers’ attention than static images or live-action ads. One of the reasons is that we see humans all around us all the time. However, we do not see animated characters around us in the real world.

Animation also allows advertisers to create visually beautiful ads. Humans are always drawn to anything attractive and eye-catching. When presented with something beautiful, it can capture its attention completely. Animators are also able to produce animations for dynamic ads. It means that the works created can engage with the audience as if something was happening. This enables them to attract the attention of the audience even better. Lastly, animated ads are straightforward to remember if designed and made correctly. Animation’s visuals usually make them quite memorable in our minds.

Better Storytelling

Power of storytelling in Advertise

Animation allows advertisers to tell better stories and Storytelling. Animations can tell better stories because other methods do not have many limitations. With animation, advertisers can create characters, settings, and scenarios that are impossible with live-action filming. When it comes to characters, it is not possible to have an animal talking. Of course, movies and live-action films can employ some of the animation’s techniques. This would help them achieve some of the things that the animation can do. When it comes to setting, imagine an imaginary world that does not exist. It is simply impossible to make live-action work with this setting in mind. Animation allows advertisers to create worlds that capture the viewer’s imagination. It also enables them and helps them to convey the message of the ad a lot easier.

Increased Brand Recognition

A well-made animation with great visuals can help increase brand recognition. Animated characters and logos are often easier to remember than static images or live-action ads. Animated logos, in particular, have been so successful that they have become a trend. Considering how time is limited in the modern world, animated logos can shine even better. An animated logo is very similar to a standard animation. However, compared to animation, it is very short and efficient at doing what it does.

An animated logo usually shows the logo of your company. Additionally, it might show a brand sentence unique to you. It might show some of what your company does or the awards you have won. Of course, all of these are done very briefly. Constantly using animated characters and animated logos in advertising can positively affect your brand’s recognition. They can become a symbol of your brand and remain associated with it for a long time. This can help you increase your brand’s recognition.


Animation can be a cost-effective method in order to create ads. However, that does not mean that animations are cheap to produce. The production process of an animation is quite long and hard. It takes a lot of resources and labor and only makes sense for it to be expensive as well. It means that animations can end up a lot cheaper compared to other types of ads. For example, animation can be used to create product demonstrations. It can be used for those types of demonstrations that are either difficult or expensive to film in real life.

Imagine you need to demolish a building to showcase your company’s services. Demolishing a real building for the sake of creating an ad is obviously out of the question. The best option available to you is to hire some animators to create an animation and demolish a building there. It can also help with advertising things that are almost or completely impossible to show with live-action shows. Imagine you have written a history book from 3000 years ago. There is no footage or old painting available to show from that period of time. Your best bet is to hire some animators to create something similar to reality for you.

Appeal to All Ages

Animation is an interesting thing for all ages. The fact that all ages enjoy Animation makes it an excellent method for Advertising products. It can also be used to advertise services. In both cases, Animation can be used to target a broad Audience. Both adults and children can enjoy animated characters and scenes. However, it is important to know which age group the animation is supposed to target.

Usually, Animations targeted at the adult group are not very interesting for children. The same can be said about animations made for children as it might not interest adults. However, that does not mean that other age groups will not be able to enjoy the work at all. That is why animation is a very good choice for family-oriented products or services. Everyone in the family will be interested to watch them. And when one member watches and likes the work, They will want to show it to others.

Examples of Successful Animation in Advertising

Animation has a very successful past behind it. Particularly when it comes to advertisements and marketing. There have been many successful and amazing works. Even as you are reading this, you might be thinking about some of them. However, there are some particular examples of successful animated ads. These examples have proven the effectiveness of using animation as a means of advertising. Below, you can find three different ads which have brought massive success to their companies.

Coca-Cola Polar Bears Advertise

Ever since their first debut in 1993, these polar bears have been a massive hit for Coca-Cola. It is considered one of the most effective ads in the history of animated ads. Even now, around 30 years later, many of us who were around back then remember it. The advertisement shows polar bears drinking a cold Coca-Cola drink and enjoying it. Ever since this animated advertisement was produced and shown, these bears have become associated with it. Even today, some people claim that when they say real polar bears on TV, it reminds them of Coca-Cola. In the past years, Coca-Cola has also been successful in selling the merchandise of these polar bears as well.

Apple's 1984 Advertise

Have you read George Orwell’s “1984”? It is a story of a dystopian world, where individualism is dead. This is exactly what you see when watching Apple’s ad. It shows a world in chains. But suddenly, there is an attractive woman running toward the center of this system. She is carrying a hammer. That hammer is what is going to destroy the system of control. And once the system is gone, you see Apple’s Macintosh being advertised. It is a very indirect way of telling people that Macintosh is the way to break free from being controlled. It is also a very good example of why animated ads can save you a lot of money. Creating this work without the help of the animators would have cost Apple a fortune without a doubt.


Have you ever seen a Madagascar giant day gecko talking about his social security? What would you say if this animal told you about his insurance plans? This is another example of a successful advertisement. When GEICO used a reptile to advertise their insurance plans, they were quite successful. They were so successful that it became their mascot. Even now, many people still know the company with this advertisement. This animated ad is a very good example of advertising the impossible. Who knew animals could speak? And more importantly, who knew animals would need insurance as well?!


Animation has become one of the most important and commonly used tools in advertising and marketing. Animation can have a positive effect on the work which can last a long time as well. A well-made animated advertisement can help you increase your engagement with your audience. Once you have used beautiful and attractive visuals in your animation, people are going to want to watch it. You will be able to advertise your products and services a lot easier.

Animated advertisements also allow you to convey what you want in a far easier manner. While the audience is enjoying the visuals, you can tell them about your products and services. And you can be sure that they listening to you and have not changed the channel. An animated advertisement also has the ability to massively boost your brand’s recognition. Take the example of what Coca-Cola did in 1993. Many people still remember that advertisement. Animated ads are also much cheaper to produce compared to other methods of advertising. It also allows for the production of works that are either very expensive or impossible in reality.

A reptile talking about his insurance plans is certainly not possible without the help of animators. Lastly, animated ads are suitable for all ages. Everyone can enjoy them despite their age. It does not matter how old or how young they are. This makes these ads suitable for family-oriented products and services. If you want success in this industry in 2023, you will need the help of a professional team. Luckily for you, there is one such team nearby: Pixalent.com. They are precisely who you need. A team of young, talented, and experienced professionals. They have worked with and aided many groups, including big companies, TV channels, and commercial groups. Good luck

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