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In Toronto, we make modern 3D explainer videos that generate demand, attract top talent, and crush business goals.

3D Explainer video service for Toronto

What is An Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short and engaging video that aims to explain a concept, product, service, or idea in a simple and easy-to-understand way. So, it’s like a mini-presentation, often using a combination of visuals, animations, and voiceovers to convey information clearly and entertainingly.

However, these videos are designed to capture the viewer’s attention quickly and hold it throughout the video. Businesses commonly use them to introduce their products or services, by educators to simplify complex topics, or by individuals to share information in a fun and digestible format.

For example, imagine you have a new app that helps people learn languages. Instead of writing a lengthy document explaining all the features, you could create an explainer video that visually showcases how the app works, its benefits, and why someone would find it helpful. This way, it’s more likely to grab your audience’s attention and effectively communicate the key points.

So, in a nutshell, an explainer video is a creative and concise way to explain something, making it easier for people to understand and remember.

Why 3D Animated Explainer videos?

the Results of Using Explainer videos in your business

Engagement & Retention

3D explainer videos captivate with depth, enhancing engagement. Dynamic animations boost interest and improve information retention. Visually stimulating presentations increase the recall of key messages and product details.

Improve Communication

3D explainer videos simplify complex concepts, providing visual clarity. They showcase products intricately, aiding comprehension, particularly in technical industries.

Brand Visibility

Striking 3D animations set a business apart, creating a strong brand. Shareable on social media, these videos enhance visibility and contribute to lasting brand recall.

Explainer video production process

    1. Define the Purpose and Message
    2. Target Audience and Tone
    3. Scriptwriting
    4. Storyboarding
    5. Voiceover and Audio
    6. Design and Animation
    7. Animation and Editing
    8. Review and Feedback
    9. Finalization
    10. Distribution

Inspiring explainer videos for actionable engagement in Toronto


Craft engaging explainer videos to captivate your audience, clarify your business, drive conversions, and enhance your brand.

Empower your success with captivating video content tailored to achieve your desired results.

videos we’ve made

Moody Murfy in Midnight nightclub

Moody Murfy: Midnight in The NightClub

Elevator Mischief with Moody Murfy

Elevator Mischief with Moody Murfy: A 3D Animation with a Twist!

Moody Murfy Smoking

Moody Murfy Smoking: Midnight in The Corridor


Explainer Video FAQs

Animated explainer videos in Toronto offer benefits such as increased engagement, clearer communication of complex ideas, and enhanced brand visibility, leading to improved business awareness and conversion.

The cost of producing an animated explainer video in Toronto varies. Still, on average, it can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on complexity, duration, and animation quality.

The typical production timeline for an animated explainer video in Toronto spans 4 to 8 weeks, involving stages like scriptwriting, storyboarding, animation, and post-production, with variations based on project complexity.

Choosing the right animation studio in Toronto involves considering factors such as expertise, portfolio, client reviews, and budget alignment. Some notable studios in Toronto include Pixalent Animation Studio.

The latest trends in Toronto’s animated explainer video scene include interactive elements, personalized content, and the use of advanced technologies like augmented reality to create more engaging and immersive experiences.

Successful animated explainer videos in Toronto include campaigns by companies like Pixalent Corp and ABC Ltd. These examples showcase effective storytelling, animation techniques, and strategic use of visuals for impactful communication.

Best practices for scriptwriting in Toronto’s animated explainer videos include crafting a compelling narrative, keeping it concise, aligning with the brand voice, and incorporating elements that resonate with the target audience.

Integrating animated explainer videos into a Toronto-based company’s marketing strategy involves aligning video content with overall brand messaging, utilizing social media platforms, and leveraging video analytics to measure performance.

The difference between 2D and 3D animated explainer videos lies in visual style and complexity. While 2D is more traditional and cost-effective, 3D offers a more dynamic and visually engaging experience. Effectiveness depends on the specific goals and preferences of the Toronto business.

Measuring the success of an animated explainer video for a Toronto business involves tracking metrics like views, engagement, conversion rates, and customer feedback. Analyzing these indicators provides insights into the video’s impact on the target audience and overall marketing strategy.

The rise of visual communication at work in Toronto

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