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Animation Cartoon: Enough to be a Belly


Animation creates motion by displaying similar static images quickly. Various industries, including film, television, video games, advertising, Marketing, and education, have used 3D animation as an art form.

Animation techniques include hand drawn, CGI, stop motion, and 2D/3D digital. It can serve many purposes, from telling stories to conveying information or showcasing products. animate is popular in films, TV shows, and games for entertainment.

It is now accessible to individuals and small businesses via user-friendly software and online platforms. Animated content on social media is increasing due to accessible animation software and independent animators.


3D animation is a type of videos that involves creating three-dimensional digital models and environments, and then animating those models to simulate movement and actions. The entertainment industry often uses 3D animation for creating animated films, video games, and visual effects for live-action films.

3D animated starts with modeling using specialized software to create a digital representation of objects or characters. Once the model is complete, the artist adds texture, lighting, and other visual effects to make it look realistic. The model is then rigged, which involves creating a virtual skeleton that the animator can manipulate to create movement.

Animators set keyframes to define position, rotation, and scale of 3D models during animated video after rigging. The software then automatically fills in the movement between the keyframes, creating a smooth video.

3D animation is a time consuming process that requires a lot of technical skill and attention to detail. It is popular for high-budget entertainment productions due to impressive and realistic results.

Today in this chapter we made an animation with a new and attractive scenario for you. stay until end and see what happened.

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